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Welcome to LCRA Maps, an online repository that allows LCRA cartographers to share their work. You can download full-size maps by selecting a type of map using the drop-down list to the left. Do you have a question or a suggestion about the maps on this site? Contact LCRA mapmakers at MAPS@lcra.org.
 TitleDescriptionHeightWidthFile Size 
Colorado River Watershed with LCRA FacilitiesLarge wall size map of the entire watershed with major LCRA facilities and irrigation districts. 35.0"88.0"3.2 MB
Barons and Live Oak Creeks WatershedThis poster shows the watersheds of Barons and Live Oak Creeks in Gillespie County. It includes the city of Fredericksburg, water quality monitoring locations and results from biological sampling performed by LCRA.34.0"44.0"4.0 MB
Pedernales River WatershedThis poster shows the Pedernales River Watershed. The watershed is located in Kimble, Kerr, Gillespie, Blanco, Hays and Travis counties. The water flows across, through or under on its way to Lake Travis.36.0"44.0"5.2 MB
Colorado River BasinThe Colorado River watershed covers more than 40,000 square miles, roughly the size of Kentucky.36.0"48.0"12.2 MB
Central Texas Watershed PostersThis map shows eleven watersheds that LCRA has assessed in detail for features that might affect water quality, to support the LCRA Highland Lakes Watershed Ordinance program.36.0"42.0"8.7 MB
Wilbarger Creek WatershedThis poster shows the Wilbarger Creek watershed in Northeast Travis County and Northwest Bastrop County. Wilbarger Creek enters the Colorado River in Bastrop County.36.0"48.0"5.8 MB
Flat Rock Creek WatershedHighways 71 and 281 intersect in this watershed south of Marble Falls where a new hospital and large development project are planned. This poster displays the effects of flash flooding that occurred in June 2007.36.0"48.0"10.3 MB
Little Cypress Creek WatershedLocated in southernmost Burnet County, the Little Cypress Creek watershed includes the Krause Springs swimming hole near the community of Spicewood. Little Cypress Creek drains into Lake Travis.36.0"48.0"9.1 MB
Gilleland Creek WatershedThis poster shows the Gilleland Creek watershed in Northeast Travis County. Harris Branch, Decker Creek, Elm Creek and Gilleland Creek watersheds are included on this poster.48.0"36.0"7.2 MB
Colorado River Watershed Austin to SmithvilleBetween Austin and Smithville tributaries that enter the Colorado River include Gilleland, Wilbarger, Big Sandy, Piney, Alum, Onion, Dry and Cedar creeks.36.0"48.0"25.2 MB
Marble Falls Whitman Branch WatershedThis small creek drains an urbanized area within the City of Marble Falls. LCRA personnel walked the creek in 2003. This poster documents the conditions that existed prior to destructive flooding that occurred in June 2007.36.0"48.0"7.4 MB
Heinz Branch Watershed to Westcave PreserveThe Heinz Branch watershed is in the western most point of Travis County where Blanco, Hays and Travis counties converge.36.0"48.0"9.0 MB
Northwest Travis County WatershedsThis poster shows the watersheds in Northwest Travis County. Post Oak Creek, Big Sandy Creek and Cypress Creek watersheds are included on the poster.36.0"48.0"15.1 MB
Hamilton Creek WatershedHamilton Creek drains to Lake Travis. The creek is located in Burnet County and springs support its perennial flow.36.0"48.0"11.3 MB
Hamilton Pool WatershedHamilton Creek extends from the Shingle Hills to the Pedernales River downstream from Hammetts Crossing. The watershed is spilt between Travis and Hays counties.36.0"48.0"11.3 MB
Bee Creek WatershedThe Bee Creek watershed extends from the Shingle Hills near the Travis/Hays county line to the Bee Creek Road crossing near Lake Travis.36.0"48.0"14.0 MB
Rocky Creek WatershedRocky Creek is a tributary to Barton Creek. The Rocky Creek Watershed is located in West Travis County.36.0"48.0"12.3 MB
Lick Creek WatershedLick Creek is a tributary to the Pedernales River, draining from south to north into Lake Travis near the State Highway 71 Bridge.36.0"48.0"17.5 MB