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Welcome to LCRA Maps, an online repository that allows LCRA cartographers to share their work. You can download full-size maps by selecting a type of map using the drop-down list to the left. Do you have a question or a suggestion about the maps on this site? Contact LCRA mapmakers at MAPS@lcra.org.
 TitleDescriptionHeightWidthFile Size 
City of Blanco Drainage AssessmentThe City of Blanco straddles the Blanco River, and the river receives all drainage from areas within the city limits.36.0"36.0"4.7 MB
City of Bastrop WatershedsThe historic downtown district of the City of Bastrop drains to the Colorado River via two drainages: Gills Branch and Piney Creek.36.0"36.0"5.5 MB
LCRA Highland Lakes Watershed OrdinanceMap showing the Watershed Management Regions for the LCRA Highland Lakes Watershed Ordinance (Stormwater Runoff)11.0"17.0"3.4 MB