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 LCRA Interactive Map
Welcome to LCRA Maps, an online repository that allows LCRA cartographers to share their work. You can download full-size maps by selecting a type of map using the drop-down list to the left. Do you have a question or a suggestion about the maps on this site? Contact LCRA mapmakers at MAPS@lcra.org.
 TitleDescriptionHeightWidthFile Size 
Dalchau Service CenterLocation map of LCRA's Dalchau Service Center. 11.0"8.5"1.6 MB
Ferguson Power PlantLocation map of LCRA's Thomas C. Ferguson Power Plant on the south shore of Lake LBJ. 11.0"8.5"0.5 MB
Winchester Power ParkLocation map of LCRA's Winchester power plant.11.0"8.5"0.3 MB
FPP Location MapLocation map of LCRA's Fayette Power Project near La Grange, Texas. 8.5"11.0"0.6 MB
Eastern Maintenance FacilityLocation map of LCRA's Eastern Maintenance Facility in La Grange, Texas. 8.5"11.0"0.8 MB
Western Maintenance FacilityLocation map of LCRA's Western Maintenance Facility. 11.0"8.5"2.1 MB
General Office Complex ParkingDetailed map of parking at LCRA's General Office Complex near Tom Miller Dan off Lake Austin Blvd. 11.0"8.5"2.7 MB